Saturday, July 25, 2009

Can you feel the love?

The 4th and 4th Artisans Farm was a great success! We came prepared with umbrellas for shade from our summer sun, but ended up needing them for the rain. Go figure. There were lots of shoppers enjoying the cloudy day down Tucson's local strip of independent shops. Lots of artists, an iced coffee and cookie and even a few sales; all ingredients to a great day.

I can feel the love so much that I decided to create a drawing for the Etsy shop. There is an icon near the bottom right corner of each Etsy shop that you can click to create a favorites listing. Its fun to click your favorite items while shopping around. As of today I have 49 hearts, meaning there are 49 fellow Etsians out there who love my shop enough to click that little icon on the bottom right corner and add my shop to their favorites. (The icon reads, "Add seller to favorites"). That way there is a running count for me to draw a winner from. Buyers and sellers alike can add my shop which enters them to win any item listing of their choice. Does that sound like fun or what?

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