Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall is in the air

I am taking a moment to reflect, again, and I end up typing away. Life happens so quickly and my ambition dwindles as I attempt to log it all down. Trying not to look too closely at the dates in between my posts and trying to remain happy that I have the posts there in the first place! Another summer has come and gone which means my little clan is now another year older. At 6, 4, and 15 months I seriously continue to wonder where the times goes. I heard someone say that the days are long but the years are short. And this feels even more true as I watch the clock tick closer to my birthday. Another year for me as well which I suppose triggers the desire to reflect. I continue to find myself more and more in love with my family everyday. My oldest is in the Waldorf kindergarten, though this year we transitioned him into the charter school. Our lofty desires quickly crumbled when we realized we were neither doctors nor lawyers and could no longer afford the private school. Especially since he is our first! But he is thrilled at his new school and says he loves it more than his other one. Had I known that last year we could have saved ourselves $6000, but who's counting? Now he is right around the corner and I have been enjoying running him to school with his baby sister in our double jogger. I have noticed myself getting a bit faster but it has been so much harder after baby 3! Luckily she loves going in the stroller and I have finally fit back into my jeans again. Just in time for fall too. My middle man is quite the character these days. He is home with me for his last year and I am so mixed up about this little guy that I don't know where to begin. So I'll start with the nail biting. This started as soon as he turned 4 and he just doesn't stop! I am worried he'll devour his entire nail bed before Halloween and then move on to his toes. Totally gross. He is the typical middle child moving with great ease between being the younger brother to his brother and being the older brother to his sister. The dynamic is quite interesting to watch. He trips his sister just for fun and then runs and gets her a toy to make her feel better. Craziness. His favorite sayings these days are, "My know that!" and "My hungry!" We are still trying to distinguish between the "I" "you" "me" and "mine" pronouns which are incredibly confusing to explain. "Who's on 1st?" rings a bell, eh? And soccer season is right around the corner. This year the boys are conveniently on the same team, agewise, so that is awesome. And then there is my daughter, my bright shining light of a girl that I am smitten beyond all control. She is still doing her baby talk and loves to do this when I am on the phone. She loves to get her two cents in. She is still super chubby but is thinning out from walking all over the place. She loves playing outside and giggles hysterically at the dogs. She'll even say, "dog" when they bark. We are working on baby signs a little with her and communicating well. Again, life is good.

As for the knitter in me, well that is the reason I started this whole blog this anyway. I am still working on my shrug, but it should be finished soon. And with Christmas coming soon I believe I found this year's gift for friends and family. You can see the pattern here: http://www.purlbee.com/calla-coasters/ Love that website, but it is very dangerous. I loose hours there without picking up a needle! I have also decided to knit the kids vests, since it is rarely cold enough here to wear a true sweater. Photo updates coming soon!