Saturday, July 25, 2009

Can you feel the love?

The 4th and 4th Artisans Farm was a great success! We came prepared with umbrellas for shade from our summer sun, but ended up needing them for the rain. Go figure. There were lots of shoppers enjoying the cloudy day down Tucson's local strip of independent shops. Lots of artists, an iced coffee and cookie and even a few sales; all ingredients to a great day.

I can feel the love so much that I decided to create a drawing for the Etsy shop. There is an icon near the bottom right corner of each Etsy shop that you can click to create a favorites listing. Its fun to click your favorite items while shopping around. As of today I have 49 hearts, meaning there are 49 fellow Etsians out there who love my shop enough to click that little icon on the bottom right corner and add my shop to their favorites. (The icon reads, "Add seller to favorites"). That way there is a running count for me to draw a winner from. Buyers and sellers alike can add my shop which enters them to win any item listing of their choice. Does that sound like fun or what?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Artisan's Farm

Getting all revved up for the local fair coming up on the 25th. It's on 4th ave. so there are sure to be some artists walking about. I'll be selling my knitting and though it is in the middle of summer, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the desert...I am keeping my hopes high. Check out the poster and come down and see me if you are here. I'll have some pictures up after the event.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day

What a great family weekend we had over here! Barbeque's, birthday parties, swimming and family all made it a memorable holiday. We were all dressed in our red white and blue and I even thanked the soldier in my life. Getting together with friends and family is one of the greatest things about the holidays but I also think its important to remember why we celebrate. "Freedom isn't free, it comes at the highest of costs" (300). We wouldn't be where we are today without those brave souls that fought for it in the first place, over 200 years ago. Living in America today means we have luxuries that obviously are not the same all over the world. What a great day it will be when we can share the celebration with the world! With all the turmoil overseas we should all be greatful that we live in America! Ok, I will climb down off my soapbox now, I tend to do that.
I did continue knitting a red dress, just like the pink one posted in my shop.
Happy 4th!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh my, it's July!

So here I am sweating away my summer in the middle of the desert and trying to knit at the same time! Who's idea was this? Have you ever tried to knit wool on bamboo with sweaty palms? Since its summer, perhaps the idea of slipping into your wet bathing suit from an early morning swim is more understandable. It just doesn't want to work. However, it is also my summer vacation from college so my productivity has increased tremendously, even if the projects are small. I found an adorable baby bootie pattern and am currently working on more boy items as well as photographer's props.