Monday, September 7, 2009

Bye bye summer!

There are finally signs of relief from the heat as we head into September! August whoosed by faster than the usual month, with two vacations, two boys' birthdays, and one big birthday bash.
I finished the knit shrug and a doll for my best friend's little girl. She loved it! Now I am getting ready for the fall with thoughts of pumpkins, skeletons and bats!! Spooky! Also, the 4th and 4th farm again on the 26th of September. Its sure to be a great time!

I was tagged and totally left Iris hangin'! So sorry! I have to tell you 10 facts about myself and then tag 10 blogs.

Ok, here we go:
1. I am a wife of 8 1/2 years
2. I have a 4 and a 2 year old boy
3. I am a knitter
4. I am a student full time at NAU
5. I am a boxer at Boxing Inc.
6. I am in a book club (L.A.M.B.S.)
ladies and mom's book social
7. I want to go to Sweden, where my family is from
8. I make s'mores at home on my stove
9. I grow a vegetable and herb garden in my backyard
10. AND I am a fan of Twilight.

And here are my 10 blogs I tagged:

Please visit these blogs and when you do, make sure to check out all their great Etsy shops!
I`m sure you`ll find something wonderful :o)!


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Nina said...

Your family is originally from Sweden? How cool. :)