Monday, February 15, 2010


I was honored to photograph my dear friend Lauren for her pregnancy. It was my first official pregnancy shoot and we had a blast. I learned so much about posing, lighting and so much more. Four hours into it the day seemed a blur and my head was spinning from so much creativity going on. Another friend was there to photograph as well so we had fun learning from each other. When I got home I realized I had taken 358 photos! My eyes have been stinging each day as I go through and find my favorites. It was so worth the effort and I can't wait to meet baby and get some newborn shots too!

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Nina said...

Unfortunately your photo doesn't show here, but I went to your Flickr to look at the belly photos, and they're great! Absolutely beautiful! Kinda makes me wish I was pregnant.. (Which, btw, isn't going to happen.)