Sunday, January 10, 2010

A sad farewell to baking...for now

My husband and I recently had an argument about butter. I know it seems silly and even more so since we don't really fight. We usually just debate until one of us cracks a smile thereby admitting defeat. This time around I guess it was more serious that I thought. It all happened one late night as he was returning home from the gym and was making himself something to eat. When he realized I had once again used the last of the butter he lost it. Maybe it was his post workout low blood sugar or maybe it was our new slowed pace of lovemaking due to baby number 3 on the way? I don't know. All I know is that from now on I will promise to always leave at least 1/2 a stick in the fridge no matter what my pregnant mind would like to bake. I argued that good butter was the cornerstone of good baking and that I made more oatmeal raisin cookies for him this year than ever before, but this was not enough to spread on his late night snack and so I lost. I suppose I came to the sad realization that with the holidays behind us so too are my baking days. People just aren't that excited to get half a dozen of whatever I baked when they are trying to lose those extra holiday pounds.

Also, I finished the pencil cases (photos coming soon) and the lucky recipients were thrilled, but they're 4 so that's not hard to do. I also finished a hat for each of my boys and a pink one just in case this baby is a girl. If its another boy, the hat will soon be for sale on Etsy. I just had to knit something pink.

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